Monday, February 15, 2010

I think I may take up kick boxing....

It has been snowing for the past three days causing most of the town to shut down. She has been forced to work out at home because her gym closed when the snow reached the 2 foot mark. Worst of all the Ice Cream truck is still stuck in the snow drift right outside her bedroom window. For the most part she ignores it and is fine, but every once and a while she will walk past the window and catch a glimpse of it. She is even starting to hear the stupid truck call her name in the middle of the night. "Come out and eat my Pies! EAT ME!!!" It tells her. She wakes up craving Eskimo Pies and goes to bed with them on her mind. She is strong and won't let the temptation take over.

Her boyfriend has been stuck here with her and he has been trying to help out around the house and the Eskimo Pie situation. He takes the trash out and comes back in with chocolate around his lips. An hour later he tells her he is going to go recycle the glass bottles, and again comes back with chocolate lips. She knows he is trying to help but it's just making her want them more. She even gives him kisses when he comes back in to taste the leftover chocolate on his lips. Now he is using the lamest excuse yet to go out. He says he whats to check the weather. She silently yells at him "IT'S SNOWING! AND BRING ME AN ESKIMO PIE TOO!" She stares after him as he runs to the truck.

As he is out checking the weather, she runs upstairs and pulls out her old Billy Blanks Tae Bo tapes. She needs to work out some frustration! She pops in the tape and Billy greets her with a warm smile. Then, the weirdest thing happens....

He says to her "I'm going to help you get those Eskimo Pies. Together we will build the skills you need to achieve your goal. By the time you are done with these work outs, you will have discovered the power that lies within you, and the Eskimo Pies will be yours." She looks around to see if anyone else was there to hear that but, it's just her in the room, so she shrugs it off and starts in on her jabs and right hooks.

The further she goes in the work out, the plan starts to form. Her and Billy come up with it together. First, she will wait until her boyfriend falls asleep and then sneak downstairs. Second, she needs to make sure no one is around the target. Third, Billy tells her to use her right hook to take the target by surprise. Fourth, He says to use the round house kick to the targets gut. And lastly, gorge the target until it's cleaned out! Once the work out is over she feels that Billy has given her the techniques to succeed.

At night fall she fakes being tired and convinces her boyfriend to turn in early. Within minutes he is snoring. She takes this opportunity to roll out of bed, grab her snow boots, and sneak downstairs. She puts her boots on and then goes to get her coat and mittens. She opens the door and winces, she forgot about her food crazed cat, Tinker. She waits to hear Tinker's bell and the consistent meowing that ensues when she hears this door open. Nothing happens, "Hallelujah!" the girl whispers. She grabs her marshmallow coat from the closet along with her mittens, scarf, and stocking cap. She is putting them on as she creeps to the door and barley misses the lamp as she swings her coat on,the shade tips to the side but doesn't fall. She reaches the door and glances back to check for her boyfriend's snore. As she is waiting for the sound she sees Tinker on the bottom step. The girl glares at Tinker and raises her mitten hand to her lips to shush her. Tinker cocks her head and then starts to clean her butt. The girl takes that as her cue to unlock the door and go out.

She walks out into the crisp night air. The moon light is glistening off the snow making it look like diamonds. She takes a deep breath, and smiles when the target comes into view. It's slumbering peacefully in the cold night air. She gets a gleam in her eye as she thinks of what's to come.

Her arms are bent in the boxing stance that Billy taught her. She begins to make her way to the target lifting her feet knee high to get through the snow. She reaches her target and gives it a right hook to the head light, checking for any alarms. Nothing happens so she moves on to the gut, she touches it softly, smiling as she nears her victory. She pulls the handle but it won't budge. She tries again, this time using more force and shaking it. She hears ice crackling and realizes it's frozen shut. She knows what she has to do, she squats down, which really isn't that far because the snow is right next to her butt,and then jumps into a roundhouse kick. It ends up being harder than she was anticipating with the snow being so deep, she didn't even make it back around to the door. She turns back around to face it and starts to send punches to it, she remembers Billy telling her to pretend it's a speed bag and to hit it repeatedly. She does this until most of the ice has fallen away and decides to try one more kick just for good measure. She pulls the handle and the door falls open reveling boxes and boxes of Eskimo Pies! She is standing there in pure joy when she sees a flashing light and hears a loud honking noise. She dives into the truck and starts to eat as many as she can before the police haul her away.

As she is stuffing the third pie into her mouth she sees a hooded man looking in at her. "Sweetie, is that you?" he boyfriend asks. "Maybe" She garbles back at him. He begins to laugh and climbs in with her. She giggles. "You could have just asked for the key instead of beating my dads truck up." He tells her as he jingles them in front of her face. "How did you know I was down here?"
"The truck was honking and flashing. I had to turn the alarm off."
"Oh! I thought it was the police coming to arrest me for breaking and entry!"
He laughs and pulls her to her feet. She grabs a few boxes of Eskimo Pies from the truck and they go back inside to finish them off.

She smiles up at him and tells him as she looks back at the truck, "Now you know what can happen if you ever try to break up with me again." They laugh together walking hand in hand back into the warmth and comfort of their home.