Thursday, May 21, 2009

Could be yours!

I hate these ridiculous sandals! Who ever made them should have to walk across fiery hot coals all day; because that would almost be the equivalent to what my feet went through today! I swear I have never been in so much pain!

I got more concerned looks and "Are you OKs?" than I did compliments, actually, that's all I got. And it's because every time I got up to walk, I winced and hunched over in pain. At one point, someone even asked me if I was in labor! Yeah.... you heard right! Someone actually thought my howls of pain were induced by a human life trying to push its way out of my body!

I had to take them off after lunch so my feet could recuperate. I rubbed my poor feet down with Neosporin, put band-aids on, and let them rest until the end of the day. Normally leaving work would be the happiest part of my day, but not today. I was ready to ask my boss if I could stay later just so I wouldn't have to put the sandals back on. But he came over and saw my feet, all cut up, red and swollen and told me to go home.

So I did what I had to do. I put those sandals on like a woman and hobbled to my car. There might have been some blood squirting out through the horrible peek a boo toe, but I held my breath and didn't shed a single tear until I got in my car. Once I was in my car I bawled like the baby I am.

Oh by the way, does anyone need some new summer sandals? I have some really cute ones! As long as you don’t have to actually wear them, they are fabulous! Only $600….

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

These shoes were made for walkin....

Have you seen the new cute spring sandal? You know the ones I'm talking about, 3 inch heel, strappy, with a peek a boo toe. They come in so many colors too! I think I'll go with a basic color, probably black, so that I can wear them with more of my summer outfits. I saw them online this afternoon and I'm going right after work today to purchase them! They are a bit pricey, OK they cost more than my rent, but they will be totally worth it! They are the sandal that will make all my casual outfits dressy! Of course I'll wear my cute accessories as well, but I mean these shoes are going to be my life saver for the "I feel fat days". For example, lets say I wake up and look in the mirror and notice that the pizza and beer from the night before didn't settle too nicely around my stomach. Without the sandal I would have sulked, and looked for a pair of pants with elastic for that extra stretch around my stomach. With the sandal, I'll just shrug it off and pull out some hot pants and slip my fabulous sandals on. I'll look in the mirror and notice that all the focus goes straight to my feet, not my fat tummy in the slightly too tight pants! saver!

I already have my outfit planned out for tomorrow so I can wear them. I'll let you know how many compliments I get!