Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Craft Time Part Deux

Crocheting is a lot harder than it looks, especially when you have two cats in the house! Any time I would bring the yarn out the cats would pounce on it and start batting at it and in the process they would unravel the entire thing. I finally had to go out and buy another ball of yarn since they claimed this one as theirs. Once I got them occupied with their yarn, I pulled out my own new purple yarn, a bright green crocheting needle, and a pattern for a simple scarf..

It took me ten minutes to figure out how to get the stupid yarn on the needle without knotting it on there. Who knew a slip knot was so hard to master. By the time I got the first chain started I was working up a sweat and needed a glass of water. I stood up and promptly fell over. My cats had wrapped their yarn around my ankles booby trapping me! They usually fight with each other and I wasn’t expecting them to team up and work together to trap me. This unexpected camaraderie between them must have risen after the vet told me to cut back on their food causing the cats to become beggars. Now that they have me trapped I fear they will start torture until I give them the food they want. I shout “OK!” and untangle myself and get their treats. Now that they have full bellies I feel safe enough to go back to my scarf.

I have been working on the scarf for over an hour and have only got an inch done in length. At the rate I’m going this scarf will be done in time for Christmas 2012. How did my grandmas do this? They have stiff arthritic hands while mine are loose and nimble! Maybe that is the key to good and fast crocheting, to have well aged hands….