Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I get to the party and the first thing I see is a big bowl of candy. I head in the opposite direction, no need to see if Cherry Mash's are there. I see a few people from the spin class and wave but they must not recognize me in my costume because they don't stop their conversation to say hi.

I see Lucy in her costume and I have to admit, she looks really good. She has a helmet, bike gloves, and of course her spandex short outfit on. She even made a cardboard bike to carry around with her. Some guy in a Popeye costume is talking to her. He looks kind of goofy but she seems to be enjoying his company.

I mosey around the room trying to find someone to talk to. I end up at that dang candy bowl. She has cherry mash's, one won't hurt me. I pick one up and put it in my mouth. The chocolate melts and turns into this wonderful chocolaty sweet cherry goo. I must have another! I dive in without hesitation and grab a handful.

Someone pokes me with an knife and I try to scream. I say try because my mouth is still full. I drop all the candies on the floor and jump. The masked man holding the knife starts to laugh and I reach to smack him but his hand comes up to shake mine. He takes off his Michael Myers mask and I'm pleased to see it's the trainer. He introduces himself as Simone. I tell him I know who he is and he gives me a strange look. Then he points to Popeye. I realize that Popeye and this Micheal Myers look strangely alike. He nods and tells me that Popeye is his twin brother. We end up talking all night and have a lot in common. I look over at Lucy and see that she is trying to ditch Popeye but he keeps following her. Looks like Lucy was tricked and that I got the treat tonight!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


She doesn’t want to admit it to herself but she is freaking out about the Halloween party. She is afraid that she will be left alone, standing in the corner in her Wonder Woman costume, stuffing her face with candy all night. And if she does end up doing that, she’ll look like Ms Piggy dressed in a Wonder Woman costume and not the sexy temptress she has worked so hard to look like these past few months. Then the hot trainer will see her cottage cheese thighs in spandex and run away screaming and find comfort in the strong, lean arms of Lucy.

She is hoping Lucy doesn’t stock up on her favorite candy, Cherry Mash’s. They aren’t a fan favorite by any means but, she doesn’t know if Lucy secretly likes them as well. She can eat those all day and not get tired of them. If by some off chance her and Lucy have twin taste in candy, she is seriously going to have to use some Wonder Woman will power to stay away from them.

And what if Silver Swan shows up and tries to kill Wonder Woman again? Will Wonder Woman be too busy stuffing Cherry Mash’s in her mouth that she won’t be able to defend herself? Then she will end up a dead cottage cheese mess in spandex!

All these thoughts are making her change her mind about going to the party. She puts on the Wonder Woman costume to see if it’s even worth going. Once she has the costume on, a transformation happens. She feels strong, confident, and beautiful! She put on the gold cuffs and started flexing her arms in the mirror. Then she puts on the tall red boots and starts prancing around strutting her stuff. “Watch out Silver Swan! Wonder Woman will kick you Cherry Mash Butt!” She sneers at herself in the mirror. Then the crown goes on her head and she hears a choir of angels sing and a light beams down on her. Right then and there she makes a choice. She will be going to that party and she will stay away from the lonely corner and candy eating Miss Piggy. Because she is Wonder Woman, GREAT HERA!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's a girl to do....

Lucy, the blond yoga chick, has invited the entire Spin Class to her Halloween Party. I think she secretly wants an excuse to dress slutty for the trainer, but what do I care? So do I.

It’s all the class can talk about when I walk in this morning. Everyone is asking what they are wearing and all I can hear is Cat woman, Snow White, and Slutty Nurse being shouted out so no one will steal those ideas. I hear Lucy say she wants to dress as Joane Somarriba, one of the top women cyclists. Clearly she has done her research to impress our trainer, but that’s not a very cute costume. I mean sure, it’s all spandex and she has the body of Greek Goddess, but who wants to see… yeah OK she will look amazing.

So now I have to top Lucy, the Greek Goddess, in spandex. What can I be that is smart but cute? A pumpkin, no, Slutty Pumpkin? Possibly. What about an Angel? I would like to change it up a bit, I mean I’m an Angel everyday of my life! OK sorry ha ha, I’ll move on. Maybe I can be a paramedic so that when Lucy “falls off her bike” I can come to the rescue! Muahahaa….I think a devil costume might work for me this year…..Well I have a few days to think about it at least…..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One last good bye...

She can barely see the road because the tears are falling more rapidly now than before. It doesn’t bother her though; she’s driven this road all her life. This is the road home for her. She is usually excited to go home and see her family, but this time it's different. This time it won’t be to say hello and receive hugs, this time it will be to say her final good bye.
She still can’t believe the phone call she received. When she heard that her dad had passed away she went into shock. She couldn’t breathe or feel her body. It was as if she were dead too. All she could feel were the hot salty tears running down her checks. She just sat there gripping the phone until her knuckles were white. She doesn’t even remember hanging up the phone, packing, or walking to the car, but there she is, driving home.
She rolls down the windows thinking that the cool Autumn air would help clear her head, all it did was bring back memories. She started to remember the time they went snow skiing. The breeze was crisp and clean smelling, just like it is now. When they were on the ski lift as a kid she took the deepest breath she could. Her dad looked over, smiled, and put his arm around her. That was one of the best days they spent together on the mountain.
She noticed the song that was playing on the radio. It made her smile; it’s the song that her dad would listen to when he had had a bad day. She really listened to the words for the first time and she realized why it made him happy. The words are as follow, “I say a little prayer for you. Forever and ever you stay in my heart and oh how I love you. Forever and ever you never will part I will always love you. Together forever that’s how it must be to live without you…” It’s a little cheesy but it makes her smile and she begins to sing along, but she can’t handle it and ends up turning the radio off.
She comes to a bridge and yet another memory is resurrected. This is the river that they went canoeing on. She pulls her car over to the side of the road and walks to the edge of the bridge. She closes her eyes and listens to the rushing water. She smiles and opens her eyes again and sees a canoe. She hears the scared, but excited scream from the little girl and the husky laughter coming from the father. He is the one doing all the work so that they won’t tip over, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He just sits there enjoying the time he is spending with his daughter. As they go under the bridge she turns to watch them round the corner, but they don’t come out. She starts to get worried, but then realizes it's just another memory of her father.
She slowly turns around with a sad smile and walks back to the car. She finds it really hard to walk; her whole body feels like it is full of lead. Finally she gets to the car door, and as she sits down the tears are falling again. She sits in the car for awhile trying to regain control.
She drives the next ten miles in a trance. She doesn’t even remember turning onto the correct exits. Then she sees the sign that states there is only thirty miles left before she reaches home.
She dreaded seeing that sign. That sign means there is no turning back. It’s finally hitting her that she will never see her dad again. She will no longer get that phone call once a month from him asking how she is doing. She realizes that she will never again see his warming smile at Christmas time, or see him in his favorite blue shirt, or smell his woodsy cologne when he gives her a hug. No not now, she can’t turn around now, not when she has come so far to say her final good bye.
She was driving too fast and was now sitting at the stoplight that marks one mile until she's in town. Instead of driving the posted speed limit of fifty-five she slows down to twenty-five, anything to prolong the moment of saying goodbye.
As she drives into town, she takes a look around. She sees the changing colors of the leaves, hears the birds, and smells the burning of wood. For a moment she feels at peace.
She pulls into the driveway, instead of getting out right away, she just sits in her car so she can listen to everything around her. Everything is still, like the whole world was dead.
Finally she gets out and walks to the front door. Before she can even step foot on the door step her mother is there embracing her in a fierce hug. They stand there crying together before they go say their final good bye together.