Thursday, May 21, 2009

Could be yours!

I hate these ridiculous sandals! Who ever made them should have to walk across fiery hot coals all day; because that would almost be the equivalent to what my feet went through today! I swear I have never been in so much pain!

I got more concerned looks and "Are you OKs?" than I did compliments, actually, that's all I got. And it's because every time I got up to walk, I winced and hunched over in pain. At one point, someone even asked me if I was in labor! Yeah.... you heard right! Someone actually thought my howls of pain were induced by a human life trying to push its way out of my body!

I had to take them off after lunch so my feet could recuperate. I rubbed my poor feet down with Neosporin, put band-aids on, and let them rest until the end of the day. Normally leaving work would be the happiest part of my day, but not today. I was ready to ask my boss if I could stay later just so I wouldn't have to put the sandals back on. But he came over and saw my feet, all cut up, red and swollen and told me to go home.

So I did what I had to do. I put those sandals on like a woman and hobbled to my car. There might have been some blood squirting out through the horrible peek a boo toe, but I held my breath and didn't shed a single tear until I got in my car. Once I was in my car I bawled like the baby I am.

Oh by the way, does anyone need some new summer sandals? I have some really cute ones! As long as you don’t have to actually wear them, they are fabulous! Only $600….

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