Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Try, try again....dang it

I'm not a quitter. I never have been. I never will be. This is why I'm going back to that yoga class this morning. I have learned my lesson and now know not to drink coffee on the way there. I filled my water bottle with a cherry lime aide water pack and put it in the freezer last night so I have a nice slushy on my walk to class instead of my usual coffee. And I have to say, it is surprisingly refreshing.

I walk into the studio with renewed confidence. I look around and notice a new board with pictures on it. Thinking it could be pictures to help us newbies learn the yoga moves, I go take a closer look. The board says: "Wimps....will they ever be strong enough?" And the pictures are of various people trying to make a fast get away out of a class, some have tears running down their face, and others.....wait, that one is me! How dare they put a picture of me up there without my consent! I reach up to pluck it off the board and just as my hand touches the corner, the weird receptionist slaps my hand away. I pull my hand close to my chest and give her my meanest look. She just smiles and shakes her finger at me. I start to ask her what the meaning of this is and how can they exploit innocent people when she thrust a piece of paper into my hand. I look at it and down at the very bottom it says: " I hereby grant the Yoga studio to take my picture and post it on the Wimp or Strong board by singing my name on the line below."

Well crap. I look up from the paper and the receptionist has an I told you so look on her face and practically challenges me to run out the door again. I smile at her and shake my head no. I'm no wimp and I'm going to show this studio who is boss.

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