Friday, July 3, 2009

I will be the Yoga Queen...or not...

I walk into that studio with my head held high and make my way to the same open spot as before, right next to the limp blond. She rolls over again to say her hi but then realizes it's me and starts to giggle. Can you believe that? I shake my head and pop my yoga mat out, making her jump on purpose. I let out a small giggle of my own and sit down. We both look at each other for a minute, changeling the other to laugh again. Neither of us let out a peep so we turn back around and start our deep breathing. Before I know it, the blond stands up and hits a gong signaling to the class its time to start.

The blond girl is the teacher? This should be interesting.

She has a note in her hand that she reads to the class...The teacher is sick and invites us to try out the gym across the street, free of charge.

Free of charge means free! I wanted to join that gym in the first place but the prices were to high. This is my chance to check it out without having to fill out all the paperwork and handing over my paycheck! I'm so excited I hop up and practically knock people over to get to the door, I want to be the first one in to see the place.

I open the door and I'm greeted by a trainer that hands me a fee bottled water and a towel. As I'm about to say thank you and take my free goodies graciously, the blond bumps into me and points to the desk. She tells us that we have to sign in under a certain name so that we get the Yoga Studio discount. And that we should follow her upstairs to the only vacant room so that we can start our yoga workout with another teacher.

I head upstairs with everyone and I'm captivated by all the shiny equipment. I don't know what half the stuff is or what it even does, but I want to try it all. As we round the corner we reach the second level. It has all the treadmills and stationary bikes. I see a man with a beard and the most gorgeous, sculpted, and built legs I've ever seen, head over to a small group of people by the bikes. He smiles, revealing pearly white teeth behind his kissable lips, and puts a head set on. He glances at the clock and claps his hands together. With that, everyone jumps on a bike. He turns on some music and I ditch my yoga group to be in his bicycle group. It can't be too hard right?


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