Saturday, November 7, 2009

What did she just say?

She woke up in a great mood. She new this was going to be a pretty good day. So far she woke up on time, her hair was cooperating and did what she wanted it to. Even her make up looked flawless. She picked out a cute outfit: Black leggings, red and white stripe shirt, black boots, and a black cardigan. She looked in the mirror and felt a little like a pirate but thought it fit her mood and went to work with a bounce in her step.

The day continued to go smooth. A coworker had brought in donuts and coffee. She helped her self to two donuts. They didn't mean a thing to her diet. She considered this as a reward for doing so well on her workouts lately.

Lunch came and again she treated herself, a veggie pizza with extra cheese and black olives with a soda. She was still hungry so she went back and treated herself to some cheesy bread sticks as well. Feeling stuffed and happy she went back to work.

As she was walking back to her desk a lady smiled at her and pointed to her shirt. She thought she just liked her cool piratey outfit so she gave her a thumbs up and smiled back. The lady came closer and whispered her congratulations. The girl was confused, for it really wasn't that hard to pick out a cool outfit. So she looked at the lady and asked what she meant. The lady then became uncomfortable and asked her if she was pregnant or not. The girls eyes grew wide and she looked down at her stomach. She sucked in her tummy and told the lady that indeed she most certainly was not pregnant and stormed away from her.

Once she was in the safety of her cubical she looked down at her stomach again and patted it, feeling upset and mad. She was never going to wear that shirt again for one thing. And no more treats! She also decided that she need to work more on her core workouts and get rid of that little pooch she had. This will be the last time that someone mistakes her for being pregnant!

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