Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I get to the party and the first thing I see is a big bowl of candy. I head in the opposite direction, no need to see if Cherry Mash's are there. I see a few people from the spin class and wave but they must not recognize me in my costume because they don't stop their conversation to say hi.

I see Lucy in her costume and I have to admit, she looks really good. She has a helmet, bike gloves, and of course her spandex short outfit on. She even made a cardboard bike to carry around with her. Some guy in a Popeye costume is talking to her. He looks kind of goofy but she seems to be enjoying his company.

I mosey around the room trying to find someone to talk to. I end up at that dang candy bowl. She has cherry mash's, one won't hurt me. I pick one up and put it in my mouth. The chocolate melts and turns into this wonderful chocolaty sweet cherry goo. I must have another! I dive in without hesitation and grab a handful.

Someone pokes me with an knife and I try to scream. I say try because my mouth is still full. I drop all the candies on the floor and jump. The masked man holding the knife starts to laugh and I reach to smack him but his hand comes up to shake mine. He takes off his Michael Myers mask and I'm pleased to see it's the trainer. He introduces himself as Simone. I tell him I know who he is and he gives me a strange look. Then he points to Popeye. I realize that Popeye and this Micheal Myers look strangely alike. He nods and tells me that Popeye is his twin brother. We end up talking all night and have a lot in common. I look over at Lucy and see that she is trying to ditch Popeye but he keeps following her. Looks like Lucy was tricked and that I got the treat tonight!

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