Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This is Bliss.....?

I decided to come by myself. I didn’t think that I needed anyone to keep me company. Skiing is a one person sport anyway. I’m in my room right now, it’s pretty nice. I have a huge king size bed, Jacuzzi tub, fireplace, and I have my very own ten jet hot tub right outside on my patio. When I look outside I can see the slope and the ski lift is right there. I have my skis ready so I just have to walk outside and jump on the lift. But tonight I’m going to make some extra chocolaty coco with marshmallows and sit in the hot tub and watch as the remaining skiers come down the mountain.

I get in the hot tub and relax. It starts to snow making it that much more beautiful. I take a sip of my coco and this nice looking man walks up, says hello, and then jumps in with me. I look around trying not to be rude, but ask him what he is doing. He laughs and says he just needed to relax after snowboarding all day. I kindly smile at him, stand up to wrap my towel around me, grab my hot coco, and go inside.

Inside my room I call the front desk and tell them that there is a strange man in my hot tub. They tell me not to worry and that they would come by to straighten things out. I peek through the blinds in my bedroom and see that he has been joined by a woman, whom I can only assume is his girlfriend from the way they are lip locked together.

Finally I see a uniformed man walk up to them and politely tell them to leave because this is my private hot tub. They get out and walk away as the uniformed guy knocks on my patio door. He tells me all is well and I make my way back out to enjoy my evening, alone.

Just as I’m getting wrinkly and thinking about getting out, another guy walks up with his son in hand and asks if it’s too late to soak. I tell him yes, its closing time. He gives me a frown then walks away. I make way back inside to get ready for bed and wonder if more people will stop by to soak. I pull the top over the tub just to be safe.

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