Monday, April 5, 2010

It's mine! Get over it....

I woke up to the noise of rain hitting my window. I squint towards the crack in the curtains and see streaks of water running down it. Seeing that it’s sunny now, I'm hoping the rain is dissipating. I sit up in bed and stretch my arms letting out a yawn, its cut short when I hear a woman’s laughter and see water hit my window. I roll my eyes and wonder who I’ll find in my hot tub this time.

I pull the curtains back and see three couples in the hot tub who appear to be having their morning Bloody Mary’s pool side. There better not be tomato juice in my water! I pick up the phone and call the front desk again and let them have it. I demand to be brought my own Bloody Mary! If I’m going to enjoy my prize room then I better not find strange people frolicking in my hot tub either! I raise my fist and shake it in the air so the lady knows I mean business! I don’t care if she can’t see it! She apologizes and explains to me that because my room is so close to the club house main entrance, people assume it’s a public hot tub. She tells me they are sending someone over right now with a Bloody Mary and a complimentary breakfast. I cool my jets and say thank you. Once I get my Bloody Mary and the party in my hot tub is over, I relax.

On the slopes I crank up Mates of State on my ipod and swoosh down the mountain for a few hours. My legs are sore by the end of the day and I’m really looking forward to soaking in my hot tub. I ski right to my door and to my surprise there is no one in the hot tub! Muahaha it’s all mine suckers!

I go inside and change, grab some coffee, and head back out. A few people walk by and glare. I even hear some rude comments under their breath. I finally had enough and decide to confront the next person that looks at me.

The next person that walks by is a huge man that looks like he is the Brawny spokes person. I let him walk by without confronting him; I don’t want to get my butt kicked. A girl about my age walks by, she doesn’t say anything but she looks over. I wave her to come join me. She looks a bit confused but walks over any way. I ask her if she knows why everyone is glaring at me. She smiles and points to a sign that is off to the side. She said that it sounds kind of rude and people must assume that I put it up. I get out and walk over to the sign and read it, “Private. Keep out or else!” Nice. Now I’m known as the hot tub queen, ruler of hot bubbles. Whoever trespasses, off with their heads!

I pick up the sign and toss it out. I guess I can make friends.

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