Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Me forgetful? Ok maybe

Meow! Meow! Meow! “Poe! Shut your trap! I’ll feed you in a short minute, I promise.” Oh mornings are the worst. I don’t even need an alarm anymore thanks to little Poe. His tummy is always waking us up before seven. At least I will never be late for work again. My boss is very grateful for that. Before Poe, I would drag myself into work five minutes late. My boss knew I wasn’t a morning person but she was never happy about my chronic lateness. Now that she knows Poe is the one that gets me to work on time, she is always sending me home with little gifts for the punk.

Sophie is already gone. She has left a pot of coffee on for me and a little note that says,

I made you some coffee. Hope your day is filled with surprises! Happy Birthday! Now do me a favor and open your gift!

Call me,

What is today? I look at the little calendar on our fridge. Wow, you know you are getting old when you forget your own birthday! I look around searching for the gift Sophie is talking about. I don’t see it in the kitchen so I take my coffee and head to my room to start getting ready for work. That’s when I see it. Sophie placed my gift on top of my dresser. I rip open the package and pull out the clutch hand bag I have been salivating over for weeks. I run to find my phone and give her a call.

“Sophie! First let me thank you for reminding your very forgetful roommate that it was her birthday. I totally forgot!”

Sophie giggles at that.

“And, the bag is gorgeous! Thank you soooooo much! You are the best!”

She breaks into laughter here. “Luce, I can’t believe you forgot your own birthday! And you are welcome. You better get ready for work before your boss thinks you got rid of Poe.”

“Right. I’ll see you tonight. We should probably go out to dinner to celebrate.”

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