Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why me?

I grab the envelope and rip it open even before I walk inside. The envelope falls to the ground. The front of the card has an owl with a party hat on. I open the card and read: I hope you have a HOOT on your birthday! It’s signed, Finn. He also writes: Sorry I missed your birthday party, I was too nervous. Hope your night was one to remember. Alright, I’m getting fed up with this secret admire stuff. Show your face already! And how did you know I had a birthday party? Unless you are Mona’s brother….. “Wuss!’ I shout out to him. I reach for the door knob with built up anger and I walk in slamming the door behind me. I go inside my apartment and Poe greets me with a purr and rubs against my leg. I pick him up and snuggle him to my face. “At least I have your love Poe.” I take him to my room and plop onto my bed. I try not to cry but I just can’t help myself. I’m a year older and still single. Sophie is leaving me and Joni might be too. I’m going to grow up to be an old cat lady! I don’t even bother to put my pajamas on and just cry myself to sleep holding Poe. I wake up the next morning with crusted eyes and a head ache. I look out the window and I’m greeted by a bright and cheerful looking day. I pull the covers back over my head and find myself wishing for a rainy day to match mood. I make a growling noise and Poe pounces on my stomach and knocks the wind out of me. I roll over into a fetal position and knock him off the bed. I try to go back to sleep, but I can hear Sophie in the kitchen humming while making some coffee. I know she is expecting me to come out so I can take a good look at her ring since I didn't last night. Time to act chipper! I’m climb out of bed; put my fuzzy green slippers on and open the door with a fake smile. “Let me see your ring Sophie!” “Whoa, what happened to you? Are you feeling ok?” She says this while holding out her hand to me. I have to give a small laugh at her, showing concern for the way I look but still holding her hand out. I grab her hand and take a look. “Yeah I’m fine. Just kinda worn out from all the festivities yesterday and I conked out when I got home. Your ring is really pretty Sophie. He knows you really well.” I say this with genuine sincerity. It’s a beautiful ring and fits Sophie perfectly. She is a classy lady with a hint of funk. He got her a pink princess cut diamond with little rubies surrounding it so it’s classic with an edge just like her. “I got a birthday card from mystery Finn last night.” “What? How did he know it was your birthday? This is scaring me Lucy.” “Don’t worry too much. I think its Mona’s brother. I invited her to come last night and she mentioned that she had plans with her brother Finn and might not be able to make it. Then when I got home there was a card from him saying he was sorry he missed it.” I shrug my shoulders. “I think he is a wuss. In fact, after I read the card, I yelled and slammed the door shut behind me.” “No wonder the flower pot was broken when I got home.” “Yeah, sorry about that, I was a little upset last night.” “I’m sorry Lucy; I hope your day gets better. I have to go; Alex and I are meeting for dinner tonight so I’ll be home late. Don’t wait up!” I give another fake smile, “Have fun you love birds!” I look at the kitchen clock and notice that I’m running late. I have to be at work in 30 minutes. Shoot! Just my luck! Why does everything bad happen to me? I call Joni at the salon and tell her that I’m going to be late. She tells me not to worry, Effie took the day off. Thank you Lord! I like the little surprises you keep throwing my way. First with my gift from Sophie, then the extra hair cut, and now Effie is gone for the day. Keep ‘em coming! I don’t know why, but I have a bit of a hop in my step now. I splash some cold water on my face, apply a fresh coat of make up to cover my puffy eyes, tie my hair up in a top knot, throw on a pair of nerdy glasses, slip on my comfy but cute cream shirt dress and black tights, pull on my favorite brown boots and head out the door, finally ready to embrace this semi warm sunny day.

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