Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's a girl to do....

Lucy, the blond yoga chick, has invited the entire Spin Class to her Halloween Party. I think she secretly wants an excuse to dress slutty for the trainer, but what do I care? So do I.

It’s all the class can talk about when I walk in this morning. Everyone is asking what they are wearing and all I can hear is Cat woman, Snow White, and Slutty Nurse being shouted out so no one will steal those ideas. I hear Lucy say she wants to dress as Joane Somarriba, one of the top women cyclists. Clearly she has done her research to impress our trainer, but that’s not a very cute costume. I mean sure, it’s all spandex and she has the body of Greek Goddess, but who wants to see… yeah OK she will look amazing.

So now I have to top Lucy, the Greek Goddess, in spandex. What can I be that is smart but cute? A pumpkin, no, Slutty Pumpkin? Possibly. What about an Angel? I would like to change it up a bit, I mean I’m an Angel everyday of my life! OK sorry ha ha, I’ll move on. Maybe I can be a paramedic so that when Lucy “falls off her bike” I can come to the rescue! Muahahaa….I think a devil costume might work for me this year…..Well I have a few days to think about it at least…..

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