Thursday, October 22, 2009


She doesn’t want to admit it to herself but she is freaking out about the Halloween party. She is afraid that she will be left alone, standing in the corner in her Wonder Woman costume, stuffing her face with candy all night. And if she does end up doing that, she’ll look like Ms Piggy dressed in a Wonder Woman costume and not the sexy temptress she has worked so hard to look like these past few months. Then the hot trainer will see her cottage cheese thighs in spandex and run away screaming and find comfort in the strong, lean arms of Lucy.

She is hoping Lucy doesn’t stock up on her favorite candy, Cherry Mash’s. They aren’t a fan favorite by any means but, she doesn’t know if Lucy secretly likes them as well. She can eat those all day and not get tired of them. If by some off chance her and Lucy have twin taste in candy, she is seriously going to have to use some Wonder Woman will power to stay away from them.

And what if Silver Swan shows up and tries to kill Wonder Woman again? Will Wonder Woman be too busy stuffing Cherry Mash’s in her mouth that she won’t be able to defend herself? Then she will end up a dead cottage cheese mess in spandex!

All these thoughts are making her change her mind about going to the party. She puts on the Wonder Woman costume to see if it’s even worth going. Once she has the costume on, a transformation happens. She feels strong, confident, and beautiful! She put on the gold cuffs and started flexing her arms in the mirror. Then she puts on the tall red boots and starts prancing around strutting her stuff. “Watch out Silver Swan! Wonder Woman will kick you Cherry Mash Butt!” She sneers at herself in the mirror. Then the crown goes on her head and she hears a choir of angels sing and a light beams down on her. Right then and there she makes a choice. She will be going to that party and she will stay away from the lonely corner and candy eating Miss Piggy. Because she is Wonder Woman, GREAT HERA!

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