Friday, August 20, 2010

The Training begins....

This week I dreadingly start the second half of my experiment. I have found a few different races that I can participate in and have decided to go with a bike race. I already ride a bike so it can’t be that hard. The one I found is a 51 mile bike ride that goes through parts of town and into the country side. I found a trainer online that states he can whip me into shape in no time. I thought this sounded great as the race is in a week!

days of training – gym work *gasp*

Day 1 – Today my trainer called and said he couldn’t meet me, but gave me a list of exercises he wanted me to do. I didn’t know what half of them were so I threw the list in the trash and told him I’m not paying for the session.

Day 2- Today I finally met my trainer. He showed up in spandex and sweat bands on his wrist and brow. I laughed uncontrollably, doubled over in laughter for a good few minutes. While he was standing in front of me. When I looked up again he was gone.

Day 3 – Today I thought I should take this training time seriously and went to the gym. I thought that a warm up on the treadmills would be good but they were all full. I heard some loud thumping music and walked towards the noise. A Zumba class had just started so I joined in. I have never felt so white and un-rhythmic in my life. It was a lot of fun but I feel that I have disgraced hip hop dance far too much to go back.

Day 4- Today I took a bike ride to my friends’ house. She lives few miles away so I thought it would be a good practice route for me. I had to stop 3 times and plead to her to come pick me up. She is a mean hearted soul and told me no. When I finally got there, she treated me to a glass of wine and extra cheesy pizza. She is in my good graces again.

Day 5- Today I signed up for a spin class down the street from my place. I ran there to warm up. The class was brutal. I thought my veins were going to pop out of my legs; they were pumping so much blood through my body. After the class was over I had to wait an hour until my legs could hold up the weight of my body to make the walk back home.

Day 6- Today the BF surprised me and took me to a new bike trail. After a few miles we stopped in a meadow were he had set up a picnic lunch. Then we biked back and got ready for another night of salsa dancing.

Day 7- My friend from Day 4 called to ask if I would accompany her to a spin class. I hung up on her and went back to watching my movie.

The race is tomorrow and I think I'll be able to finish it. Maybe not in first place but hopefully not in last either! I don't know if this week has been more productive than last week, but it was nice to train and feel apart of something. Maybe that's all I need to get into the gym. Look for me in all the up coming races!

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