Tuesday, August 11, 2009

blond devil

My entire body is sore from the spin class yesterday but, here I am walking to my second class, with a smile on my face. I walk to the front desk and take the pen from the lady and sign in under the Yoga Studios name. She smiles and tells me to enjoy my yoga class. I smile back and tell her that I really am enjoying the class I'm taking.

I walk upstairs to the spin class and claim the same bike I had yesterday. I created quite a bond with this bike, being that I rode it hard for over an hour dripping in sweat....ha, sorry. Anyway, I take a seat on the bike and look around at my competition. The class is mostly made up of females, young and old, and many of them look to be in great shape too. This one girl walking toward me even....Oh no! It's the blond from the Yoga Studio! She has found me out! I will never again get to see the hot instructor with sweat running down his face nor will I get the pleasure of seeing his cute little butt as he walks away! I feel the panic rise up in my chest as she gets closer to me. Her eyes zero in on mine and I can see fire light up behind them. Her face is red with anger and she is about to tell me off when we hear a little clap behind us. It's the instructor and he is looking even better today than he did yesterday. The blond turns around to see what the commotion is and she sees him as well. Her mouth drops open as her eyes take in his gorgeous physique. I lean over and close it for her then turn my attention back on the instructor. The blond looks at me and notices the rest of the women in the class and she follows suit. She gets on the bike next to me and turns into a doting high school girl with a crush like everyone else.

At the end of class the instructor comes over and tells me that he is glad to see me again and is happy that I brought a friend. I look at him clueless, because I don't know anyone in the class. He then points to the blond. I smile and pull her next to me and tell him that I just had to get her fat butt in here to help her out. I'm sure she is about to slap me when the instructor starts to laugh. (I made him laugh! YAY!) Then the blond giggles and introduces herself as Lucy. They shake hands and she mentions that they go get a fruit smoothie downstairs because she had some bike questions for him. Then she turns to me, smiles, and tells me she will see me tomorrow.

How dare she walk off with my boyfriend! But then again she did just give me permission to keep using the Yoga Studio's sign in name along with a friendly competition... *eyebrows raised...challenge accecpted*

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