Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eavesdrop is such a harsh word....

I decided to skip the spin class today, see if Mr Hottie notices that I'm gone. Instead, I have opted to go my favorite coffee cafe. It's in a quaint little area located in the Art District. Actually, I'll be honest with you, my friend called me this morning and told me to meet her here because she had some juicy gossip. So, here I am sipping my mocha waiting patiently for her.

While I'm waiting I start to people watch. This is one of the reasons I like to come here, there are so many interesting people. For example, at the table that is caddy corner to me there is a couple of college students looking at an art book. This in itself is not that interesting, but if you look closer at the book you will notice that it is actually a Kama Sutra book. Now, they very well could be looking at this ancient Indian text to study human sexual behavior but, I'm speculating they are picking out what they want to do later tonight.

I take a sip of my mocha and look to my left. Over here we have two guys that are in a deep discussion about which band they think has the best album of the year so far. One says, "Animal Collective is great because there is absolutely no one else that sounds like them, and by the time everyone else starts to catch up, they are doing something different. I'd also like to add that when I stare at the animal collective album cover on my computer, it appears to be moving and that is cool." The other guys retorts with, "I'm really digging Bat for Lashes new album because it's got a very 80's vibe to it, but she does it very well and the songs are well written." This intrigues me and I reach for my notebook to write this down. But right now I totally agree with the other guy, Animal Collective's song, My Girls, is awesome.

As I'm writing down the reminder for myself I hear someone behind me say, "These boots? Oh I got these on Etsy for only twenty five dollars!" What did she just say? Twenty five dollar boots? I turn my head around to get a glimpse of them because they can't be that cute if they are only twenty five dollars. Holy cow! Those are amazing! She goes on to say, "I couldn't believe they were giving them away for that cheap!"

This is why I love coming here. You find out a lot of great stuff when you people watch! OK, you might say that this is actually called eavesdropping, but really why waste all this valuable information?

I pull out my laptop and bring up Etsy. I hear her tell her friend what vendor she found them under and that there are a few pairs left and she might be able to get them as well. I look through the pages and spot the boot. The description tells me: Tall riding boot with buckle strap detailing. Rich premium leather; low stacked heel; leather sole with rubber strike; padded footbed. Priced for $25, Limited time offer. I hit the buy button and smile. I really do love this cafe.

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