Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dance as if no one is watching....

Authors note: Before reading please press play on the song. *there are 2 songs to listen to* Enjoy!

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It's Friday evening and she just got home from work. She walks in her front door, takes a deep breath, and smiles. She is feeling the best she has in awhile and has decided to go out with friends. Instead of resting, like most people would before a night out on the town, she turns on her ipod and pushes the volume up full blast. A Daft Punk song comes on, Around the World, and she begins to dance to the music.

She starts off swaying her hips from side to side. Then she makes her head bobble around like a bobble head doll. After bobble heading for a bit, she draws her arms up into a 90 degree angle and then the robot ensues. She moves her body around the room in robotic movements. She moves so mechanically that it looks effortless. Her legs move slow and meticulously. Her arms are stiff and straight as she moves them up and down. She holds one arm down in a 90 degree angle and swings it back and forth making it look broken. She then pretends to power herself off and stands still just for a moment.

Then she busts into the running man. She abruptly stops to drop it low. She pops back up and wiggles her hips as she turns around in an awkward circle as the song says around the world. She raises her arms in the air and makes circular motions and moves her feet up and down all while bobbing her head to the beat of the music. Then she brings her hands down around her face and starts Vogueing. Each time she frames her face she looks in the mirror to give herself a funny face. Vogue, tongue out. Vogue, eyes crossed. Vogue, Zoolander!

She keeps dancing like this for a few more songs until Duffy comes on with Syrup and Honey. When she hears Duffy, she grabs her hair brush to use as a microphone and belts out the lyrics along with her. She holds the brush fiercely and acts as if she is in a club singing to an audience. She stands in the middle of her room and really gets into the song, squeezing her eyes shut to hit the high notes, holding one hand in a fist out to her side, and bending down to get the low notes. She holds out a finger when Duffy counts: "One, Two, Three" She dips her head each time Duffy sings "Baby, Baby, Baby" and nods her head vigorously when Duffy fluctuates on the word "Me". When Duffy mmmmmm's she mmmmmm's. When the song is over she takes a bow and waves and blows kisses to her audience. She pretends to receive flowers and waves her thanks to the kind man that gave them to her.

As she is waving her thanks her phone rings scaring her so bad that she jumps. She answers the phone out of breath and tells the caller that she is getting ready and will meet them in an hour. She hangs up with the caller, tells her audience "Thanks for coming out!" and then starts to get ready for her night out on the town.

*Special thanks to Greg Schrage for helping me on posting the song.*

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