Monday, August 3, 2009


She hates it the most at night. She used to look forward to coming home; now she dreads the very thought of it. All the memories they made together are there. She can't find a way to escape. She feels like she is drowning in her own home, gasping for breath; but the pull of him is so strong.

She lets the tears flow freely, letting the tears fall may be the only way for her to free herself. For each salty tear she thinks of a memory. One for the first touch, for the first embrace, the first kiss. Tingles run down her spin as she thinks of his lips on hers. Goosebumps form on her arms when she thinks of the times he pulled her close to him in the night. A smile forms on her lips as each memory comes across her she basks in her thoughts, she slowly starts rising back to the top.

She does this every night. Sinks down to the bottom only to float up again. One day she will stay afloat on her own. But until then, the sweet memories will help her come up for the air she needs.

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